Turn 2nd Place Into a Win!

If you’ve ever hired employees, you know that it usually comes down to two good candidates who would both be a strong fit for slightly different reasons.

Such is life, though. When house hunting, we love the location of one place, but the layout of the other home is ideal! When searching for the perfect outfit, our first choice is stunning, but the price tag of our second choice is more realistic. And even when job hunting, it often comes down to two offers, perhaps one that pays more, while the other has a better career trajectory and shorter commute.

Most times we can only select one, but that doesn’t mean the second choice wouldn’t have worked out just as well.

So, what’s my point?  Well, if you find yourself as the runner-up in your next job search, here are three steps you can take to turn 2nd place into a win:

  1. Don’t throw your progress away. The hiring team liked you and felt you had a lot to offer. Consider how you can parlay that into another opportunity either now or in the future.
  2. Close the process graciously. Thank the key people you’ve met with (in writing) and let them know you’d be interested in similar opportunities should they arise.
  3. Keep in touch.  According to Robert Half & Associates, 28% of employees quit in the first 90 days. While that’s bad news for the company, it may be the perfect opportunity for you!  If you’re still available and want the role, chances are the organization won’t start a new hiring process, but will turn to the runner-up. Hint: this will be a big advantage as you negotiate the offer!

People who believe that anything is possible are the ones who usually accomplish the impossible.

Happy hunting!

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