Suggested Interview Questions

Interested in interviewing Dr. Dawn? Here are some suggested questions:

  1. Why does every job seeker need to get this book?
  2. Why do you think switching careers is becoming more common?  How difficult is it to change careers today? What impact has the pandemic had?
  3. What are some fears that hold job switchers back and how can they address them?
  4. How can a job candidate get inside the head of the recruiter or hiring manager?
  5. What are some ways candidates can address a career gap or lack of relevant experience?
  6. How can someone tell if they’re ready to make a switch?
  7. What are some are your top tips for negotiating a job offer?
  8. Why is “Plan A” so important?
  9. How do I know how long it will take to switch careers?
  10. If I’m making a “double-switch”, what is the most effective strategy?
  11. You have a broad vantage point due to hosting a national radio show on Sirius XM and your role as Career Director for the Executive MBA Program at Wharton. What trends are you seeing in job seekers today?
  12. You have a unique background in both recruiting and psychology, and in the book you incorporate psychological principles that are important to understand in the search process. What are a few of these?
  13. You hear about networking as an effective strategy in most career books. In Switchers, you talk about “creating ambassadors” – what do you mean by this? How is it different?
  14. In the book, you talk about some of the mistakes switchers make that you wish you had known before making some of your own career switchers. What are some of these job switch killers?
  15. You point out that returning to school shouldn’t be the first on your list, but wouldn’t this help a Switcher?
  16. Personal branding has become popular over the last several years. Is it really worth the hype?
  17. In your book, you have a whole chapter titled “It’s not fair” – what is this about and why an entire chapter?
  18. What if someone is not looking to switch careers, is this book helpful for traditional job seekers as well?
  19. What makes Switchers unique?
  20. Is it ever too late to make a career switch?