The heart is a nag!

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

I have had this quote in my e-mail signature for a REALLY long time, and over the last few years, it has faded into the background and has become just words on the page.

Although my head has been able to ovelook these words (pretty easy when filling days with multi-tasking and life clutter), my heart has continued to tug at me to pay attention to the days zipping by while I continued to put my dreams on hold.

I tried everything – rationalizing (of course it makes sense to have a steady paycheck – duh), distractions (if I move to a fun new city, life will feel exciting again!), dipping my toe in the water (why can’t I keep my day job and just follow my heart on the side?), retail therapy (yes, I deserve a brand new SUV for those harsh Minnesota winters!) and then actual therapy (something must be wrong with me if I am not content with what I have – is there a pill for that???).

None of it worked. The nagging didn’t subside and my attempts at finding something satisfying while keeping one foot in the safety of my current bubble never lasted long.

So this is it – it is time to leap and it is scary as hell – 2013 will be a wild ride. And it is also the first time in a long while that I actually feel alive! My heart is pounding, but certain this is the right path, and it has gone from nag to cheerleader. Much better if you ask me.

So what is your heart nagging you to do? What dream are you trying to convince yourself you can keep ignoring? Who in your life can help you take the leap (it takes a lots of courage, so no need to go it alone!)?

What can you do TODAY to take the first step? May as well, because try as you might, you just can’t ignore your heart.

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