Should I Take THIS Job?

Depending on your situation, any opportunity might look appetizing in the moment. It takes a self-aware and confident person to turn down a good offer to wait for the great offer. But what actually constitutes  a “great” offer?

At first glance, a brand name like “Amazon” or a bump in salary might seem like enough. But if you really want to fully analyze an opportunity, consider these before making a final decision:

  1. How did you source the job? Employees who get their roles through referrals tend to have a longer tenure and be more satisfied. It’s not guaranteed, but an insider can provide info you wouldn’t get otherwise.
  2. Why is this role open? Did the person you’re replacing get promoted, quit, get fired or is this a newly created role altogether? Each scenario brings its own pros and cons. Know what you’re walking into.
  3. Who will you report to? People leave bosses, not companies.  Your direct manager controls your pay increases, promotions, projects and likely day-to-day happiness. Choose wisely.
  4. Who will you meet? Unless you plan to exit the workforce after this job, consider how this role will help you to expand your professional network. See point #1.
  5. What will you learn? For each new role you take, have a strategy regarding what skill(s) gap it will close. What increased value will you bring to your next employer if you’re successful in this job?
  6. What is your exit strategy? Yes, this may seem like the equivalent of a marital pre-nup. However, with tenure in a job averaging 4.2 years, it’s never too early to think about how this role will set you up for future roles, whether internally or at a new company.

Notice anything missing? None of the above addressed salary.

While pay is important (and the reason most people work!), it’s typically one of the first factors candidates evaluate, while being one of the lowest (eighth actually!*) on the list of what actually makes employees satisfied in their roles.

So yes, DO evaluate if the compensation is fair, but don’t overlook those aspects of the role that may be even more important to your daily happiness and long-term career satisfaction.

Happy hunting! 

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