HUGE Career Boosters (that You’re Likely Overlooking!)

Mentors, training, stretch projects, certifications, networking…

Yes! All of these are GREAT career boosters, but chances are you already know that. So let’s look at those less obvious career “gifts” that can really catapult your success.

  • Criticism: “If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much.” – Donald Rumsfeld
    • While tough to swallow and not always delivered with accuracy or the best intentions, if someone takes the time to offer you feedback, take a moment to consider it.  Sometimes the “sting” you feel while hearing someone’s point of view about your behavior or performance is a hot button that you need to address.
  • Getting Laid Off: “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” – David Brinkley
    • If you work long enough, chances are you’ll be let go from a job at one point or another. Initially, it brings up a ton of emotion – anger, anxiety, shame, and insecurity to name a few – but as the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  Many people find getting laid off to be a catalyst to exciting new career opportunities that they wouldn’t have explored otherwise. Sometimes the universe realizes it’s time for a change before you do.
  • Difficult Co-workers: “I don’t have to attend every argument I’m invited to.” -Unknown
    • Gossiping, backstabbing, narcissistic, credit-stealing, complainers are present in most office environments to different extents. This doesn’t mean you need to get drawn into their drama, even if you have to work with them in your role. These individuals are clearly insecure, and therefore act out as a way to protect themselves. While annoying to deal with, avoid stooping to their level and try to practice patience. Learning to be skillful in dealing with a variety of personalities can only help you in your career.
  • Workplace Changes:  “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.” – Charles Darwin
    • Change is stressful, whether positive or negative. And it’s unavoidable, so resisting change only makes it more difficult. Reorganizations, a new Boss, policy changes, and project revisions are par for the course in the business world.  Before getting too bent out of shape focusing on all of the things you’ll lose as a result of a change, be sure to ALSO focus on what you will GAIN.  Each time you successfully adapt to a new situation, your agility muscle is strengthened so future changes won’t seem as stressful.
  • Mistakes: “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde
    • Young toddlers learning to walk fall, on average, 17 times an hour.  That’s a lot of trial and error! Without mistakes, there is little growth. Life is meant to be LIVED, so don’t let your fear of falling down get in the way of taking a chance.  You WILL make mistakes – you can count on it.  But the more mistakes you make, the more you learn, and the higher the chance of new successes, so go for it!

Happy hunting!

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