Change This, Get Hired!

Successful job seekers have one very specific communication style in common that differs from their competition: Everything they communicate about their skills, abilities and interests is tied directly to how it will benefit the company.

Hiring Managers aren’t interested in what you want or what you’re passionate about, at least not initially. They care about what they want, which is to hire someone capable and motivated to do effective work with little hand holding. So, whether in the interview, cover letter or on social media, ensure that the expertise you share clearly points out how the company will benefit (e.g., the impact or result). Here’s how:

  1. Figure out the pain points of your audience (e.g., the biggest challenges in industry, company or team).
  2. Understand how the unique expertise that you bring helps to solve these challenges.
  3. Tie all of the achievements and skills you share to how they address your audience’s pain points.

For example:

Before: “I’m a Project Manager with 8 years of global experience in Healthcare and Pharma. In addition, I’ve earned an MBA with a specialty in strategy, and speak fluent Mandarin from working abroad in China for two years. I’m interested in a role that enables me to use the strategic planning skills I’ve gained in my graduate program and expand my international exposure.”

After: “My particular expertise in project management is mobilizing diverse teams across cultures to effectively execute on a common goal. With your company’s operations spanning three continents, I’m confident my global experience will enable me to hit the ground running to ensure a seamless transition. In addition, having lived in Asia for two years where your company is targeting expansion, I can offer local contacts and assist with breaking through red tape since I am familiar with the customs and language.”

See the difference?  The “Before” was impressive, but the “After” will land the job!

Remember, the interview (or cover letter or resume) may be about you, but the savvy job seeker knows that the hiring process is really about your value, which is how your unique skills and experience are applied to contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Happy hunting!

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