8 Unconventional Tips for Getting Ahead in 2017

You’ve heard about creating SMART goals, getting an accountability buddy, and reading the latest business books (all great strategies!), but rather than just rehash the old, why not also try something new? Here are eight EASY unconventional tips for boosting your career in the new year:

  1. Make your bed. According to the book “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life And Business,” making your bed has been shown to set a tone of productivity for the rest of your daily duties, enabling you to get more done.  So, tuck in those sheets and watch your output soar!
  2. Dole out the candy. It turns out that having a candy dish on your desk makes you more likable. Career expert Jessica Hernandez reported that 90% of people who keep a candy bowl on their desks are promoted. Can’t hurt, right?
  3. Kiss your spouse. A 10-year study conducted in the 80’s found men who kissed their wives before leaving for work earned 20% – 30% more than peers who left without a kiss good-bye. And, they lived on average 5 years longer. Researchers also reported that NOT kissing one’s wife before leaving increased the possibility of a car accident by 50% – yikes! The takeaway: Never go to bed OR leave the house angry! 
  4. Stand up. Workplace meetings run an average of 34% shorter when attendees are not allowed to sit down during the meeting. Shorter meetings equal more time to engage in activities that help you to get ahead in your career!
  5. Lie down. Researchers found that adults who napped after learning a task performed about 5x better when it came to remembering what they’d learned. In addition,
    daytime naps increase alertness, boost creativity, and reduce stress.  That’s a lot of benefits for 45 minutes of shut eye!
  6. Strike a pose! It may seem silly, but when you intentionally stand in a confident position (think Wonder Woman!), it naturally lowers stress and boosts your confidence. In fact, research shows that “power posers” were more likely to be chosen for hire in interview situations. Get out there and vogue!
  7. Add a letter. The European Journal of Social Psychology reported that when participants are asked to judge strangers they’ve never met, those with middle initials are perceived as smarter and more qualified than those without (and TWO middle initials are even better!). Researchers attribute this to the fact that middle initials in a name often appear in formal contexts, which leads our brains to associate them with achievement and success.
  8. Laugh! When researchers surveyed 737 CEOs, they found that 84% thought employees with a sense of humor do a better job than people with no sense of humor. So in addition to boosting your immune system, stimulating mental functioning and activating endorphins (that happy hormone!), laughter might earn you a promotion.

Happy hunting and happy 2017!

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