10 Quick Do’s and Don’ts to Ace the Interview


– Recognize the interview is primarily about “fit”.  Once you’re invited into the office, you already have the skills or they wouldn’t be wasting their time.

– Find out who you’re meeting with in advance and research their background online (e.g., Linked In). You may learn about some things in common (ahem…FIT!) you didn’t know about.
– Get your key strengths and skills across no matter what. Regardless of the questions asked or how good/bad the Interviewer is, know what info you want to leave on the table.
– Prepare and ask 2 -3 insightful questions. If you can learn about it on Google, it’s not a good question. Excellent questions are yet another area where you can showcase your strengths.
– Know your career story and share it (concisely). Hiring mistakes are very costly, so Recruiters need to buy into why this career move is a logical step in your path.


– Bash former employers when explaining why you’re seeking new employment. Instead, prepare a brief response (e.g., time for a new challenge), then re-focus the discussion to the positives of your potential new employer.
– Miss an opportunity to also share a strength (even if asked about a weakness or failure).
– Start a response with “no” or “I haven’t” – anything you say next will be disregarded. Instead say, “What I have done is…”, and offer a related skill or experience.
– Neglect to tie your experience/strengths back to the job you’re interviewing for. In every answer, show how you will solve problems if hired.
– Forget to negotiate if offered the job. Isn’t a 20 minute conversation (even if slightly uncomfortable) worth $5000?

Happy hunting!

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