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When I find myself at a buffet, I always start with the dessert section first.  At most buffets, there are a myriad of tasty options to choose from, but only so much room on the plate.  Going straight for the dessert ensures that I always have enough space for the good stuff.

In life, we also have limits to what we can put on our plates.  Time, money, energy and other resources are not infinite.  When we “spend” them in areas of our lives that are not the most meaningful to us, we have no room left over for those things that bring us the most joy (e.g., the cherry cheesecake and chocolate brownies of life!).

So what in your life is taking space away from what is most important?  What commitments, tasks, relationships, or habits are no longer serving you or supporting your larger goals and desires?  Right now may be the perfect time to make space on your plate for the good stuff!

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