recharge picLaptop, iPad, Kindle, Bluetooth, Android, battery pack, mobile jet pack, 2nd laptop, iPod…

The list of gadgets that we charge on a daily basis continues to grow (so much that I needed to buy a new power strip to handle the number of wires).

But how much time do we spend re-charging OUR energy each day? I start to get anxious when my iPhone runs below 80% power, but I often don’t think twice when I don’t get enough sleep or skip meals.

When our electronics break down, we buy new ones to replace them without a second thought (you probably have a box full of orphaned cords and chargers to prove it!).

With our health and well-being, we don’t have that option, so making time to re-charge is even more critical.  Here are some things to try:

– Turn in 30 minutes earlier each weeknight and/or take a brief nap on the weekend. Sleep is the ultimate vitamin.

– Carry water with you.  Hydration is the key fuel of metabolism (how we create energy!).

– Avoid over-scheduling.  Add two 30-minute breaks into your day to relax (or at least try to catch up).

– Move!  Especially when feeling sluggish.  A brief walk or some yoga moves will perk you up.  Sound counter-intuitive?  Try it!

– Fuel up.  What we eat matters.  We all enjoy a night out for beers and fries (or wine and dessert!), but make these the exception.  Its simple math. Eat better, feel better.

– Spend time with people who feed your soul.  A quick coffee meeting or phone chat with a good friend can do wonders for the spirit.

– And the best idea?  Unplug!  Leave those electronic gadgets at home while you head outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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