“One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”
Andre Gide

When it is time for baby birds to learn to fly, it is common myth that they are shoved out of the security of the cozy nest and soar into the sky. In reality, it takes a lot of coaxing, withholding food, and other creative methods to persuade fledglings to take the leap. But once they do, their full potential is realized and their world is forever changed.

As humans, we could only be so lucky as to be pushed into our dreams and realize our full potential. The security of the “nest”, which often comes in the form of familiar routines, lifelong habits and the comfort of a steady paycheck, is extremely seductive.

But can you imagine the life of a bird that never learns to fly? It would be a short life, no doubt.

It is not so different from humans. I once read that many people die twice in their lives. Once when they give up their dreams and then again at their physical death. This resonated strongly with me.

So, in case you are pondering a leap as I am, I wanted to share some of the other messages that have inspired me along the way in the hope that they may also inspire you:

· If there were no potential for embarrassment or judgment, would you find a way to pursue your dreams?

· The most successful people are willing to step out and be vulnerable. They don’t wait for perfection, but rather take action and perfect along the way.

· What must I give up now to get more of what I want? Have faith that what you are giving up in the short-term isn’t as fulfilling as what is to come.

· Don’t get tied into an identity and feel stuck. Who you are today is not who you need to be tomorrow.

· The greatest danger is that we aim too low and make it, not that we aim too high and fail.

· In any given moment we have two options: 1) to step forward into growth or 2) to step back into safety.

· And lastly, in the words of Frederick Wilcox, “you can’t steal second base and keep one foot on first.”

Having resigned from my day job on Friday, I am now standing at the edge of the metaphoric nest and am excited (and a little freaked out) about the journey ahead. But it is time to leap, to lose sight of the shore, and step forward into growth. Second base, here I come!

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