It Really DOES Cure All Ails

Like sleep, hydration and movement are the foundation of physical health, networking is the foundation of your career health.

  • Resume lost in application cyberspace?
    • Ask an internal contact to shepherd it to the Hiring Manager.
  • Not sure what your next career step is?
    • Re-connect with a former boss to gain perspective on your professional strengths.
  • Can’t get your foot in the door as a career switcher?
    • Attend an industry event to meet people in the field.
  • Looking to bolster your customer base?
    • Host a Happy Hour for 15 of your best customers at a local hot spot.
  • Need extra support from the Finance Team this coming busy season?
    • Bring them coffee and bagels one morning and get to know them better.
  • Building a career as a thought leader?
    • Cross-market your blogs with others in the industry to boost both your brands.
  • Stuck solving the impossible problem at work?
    • Reach out to that college friend known for coming up with novel solutions.
  • Feeling bored and in need of new challenges?
    • Set up individual lunches with colleagues outside of your department to learn what projects are on the horizon.
  • Ready for a promotion?
    • Collaborate with your Boss on strategies for getting in front of your future peers.
  • Looking for that next great invention or idea?
    • Chat up the stranger next to you on the plane or ask 5 friends what keeps them awake at night.
  • Satisfied in your career and doing well?
    • Help others get ahead by writing a recommendation or introducing them to a well-connected colleague.
  • In-laws coming to town and expecting an authentic Italian meal?
    • Hit up the Foodie in the HR Department who’s always posting the latest recipes in the monthly newsletter.
  • Never want to look for a job again?
    • Build a strong brand with your network and stay top of mind.

Like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, regular networking can cure what ails your career.

Happy hunting!

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