Happy New Year, Happy New Career?

new year new career

Will you be looking for a job in 2014?  The answer had better be YES!  The most successful professionals are always “career ready” and open to potential opportunities, even if they are satisfied in their current roles.  Why?  Because they know change is constant and tomorrow is never guaranteed (in life or in a company).

Being career ready doesn’t necessarily mean scanning job boards daily or going on regular interviews.  Rather, it’s about keeping your network fresh and your brand recognized (e.g., being active on Linked In, participating in external conferences and meetings, etc.).

As you head into 2014, ensure that you’re front and center for any hot opportunities that may arise.  Here are 12 of the most popular blogs from 2013 to get you career ready:

  1. Micro-networking
  2. Successfully Work a Crowd – 5 Networking Tips for Introverts
  3. Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Career Coach
  4. Reach Out on Linked In
  5. Don’t Forget this KEY Question on your Next Interview
  6. Don’t be a Voyeur
  7. Forget About Plan B
  8. 3 Steps to Kick Your Fear of Public Speaking
  9. Reactive vs. Proactive Job Search
  10. Show, Don’t Tell
  11. Think getting a job is about your skills?  Think again.
  12. 7 Things to Remove from your Resume Now

Happy new year!

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