Don’t Stop ’til You’re There

finish lineYou had a great first interview and just got a call to schedule the second round.  The job seems like a perfect match and you’re already visualizing your daily commute to the new company.   Your job search has been frustrating, marked by dead end after dead end, but you can feel it – this is the ONE.

What should you do next?  KEEP SEARCHING.

This is actually the OPPOSITE of what most job seekers do.  Once a seemingly “perfect” opportunity starts to gain momentum, many job seekers significantly slow down (or stop) other search activities, rationalizing that it doesn’t make sense to continue to bug their network or start a new application “just in case” this opportunity works out.

While its helpful to remain optimistic, it’s also wise to keep searching.  Until you have an official offer in hand, you’re still in the race and it’s anyone’s game.  While you’re daydreaming about your new corner office, a strong internal candidate may come forward to apply for the job.  The company could implement a hiring freeze.  The salary offered may be significantly below what you would accept.  And on and on.  There are no guarantees, so keep up the search activities until you accept the job.

And what is the worst case scenario if you keep searching AND get the job as anticipated?  Well, perhaps now you have two good offers and get to choose the best match (and maybe even negotiate a higher salary to boot).

Happy hunting!

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