In a recent study on employment published through the Harvard Business Review, only 14% of respondents indicated they had “received help of any kind from others” in attaining their new jobs.  Since it has been well known for decades that the majority of jobs (60% – 80%) are landed through networking, this study implies that most people forget that others have helped them to find employment.

And forgetting who has helped you to get where you are today likely goes beyond careers.  In a world where information is constantly streaming and you are interacting with people through many mediums, it’s getting easier to forget the person who introduced you to that new connection on Linked In, which turned into a great client.  Or, the person who posted that inspirational article on Facebook that motivated you to take a chance on a new venture.  Or, the great advice that you got from a colleague at lunch that inspired you to sign up for that class.  Or the feedback that you got from a previous boss that ultimately led to a promotion.

The truth is, everything we have and everything we do is connected to other people.  There is nothing great that we can accomplish alone.   When we take a moment to examine who we are and the accomplishments we have achieved, there are always people who have helped us along the way.   Although the encouragement, advice, or input may come in subtle ways, it is constantly there, guiding us to our next steps.

So, take a moment to think about the things in your life that you appreciate.  Consider your recent successes and those qualities, attributes and possessions that you are grateful for.  Chances are, there are people in your life right now who have helped you to attain these things.  Why not send them a quick e-mail or note to let them know how they influenced your life for the better?

And who knows?  Your “thank you” may be the encouragement that they need to achieve something great today.

As always, your comments and feedback are appreciated!


  1. Cyndy Reply

    Thanks, Dawn. I love reading your messages. You encourage me!

  2. Magpie Reply

    Dawn, you inspire to do just that–give thanks!!!

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