focus imageHow many times have you traveled to work only to realize that you “zoned out” the whole way and couldn’t recall a thing from your journey?

It can be a bit unnerving.  However, when we’re deep in thought – worrying about the big presentation, stewing about the argument we just had, planning the upcoming party – we can completely miss what is going on right in front of us.

So what’s the harm?  Well, that’s debatable, but more often than not, when we get stuck in our heads, we miss out on a lot of the good stuff around us.  Especially since much of what causes us to get caught up in our thoughts tends to stir negative emotions such as worry, frustration, or doubt.

Just today, I was walking home from the store after a particularly negative customer service experience (my order wasn’t ready when promised – for the second time!).  It was a beautiful Spring day, but I hadn’t noticed.  I was too busy replaying the prior few minutes in my head and grumbling about the frustrating situation.  And for what?  There was nothing I could change about it.  All around me there were new flowers budding on the trees under a cloudless sky (after a very harsh winter, I might add) and here I was wallowing in negativity.

What I remembered in that moment is that I get to CHOOSE what I focus on.  In every moment of every day, there is beauty and joy to take notice of.  Positive things can be found in the most dismal of situations and some good can always be discovered within the bad.

What really makes the difference is where we decide to place our focus.  Life is short.  Choose wisely.

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