A Smart Way to Get Hired (that few are doing!)

Ever wonder how some people land those awesome jobs when you’ve never even seen them posted?  Temp-to-hire!

Over 1 in 3 temporary employees are offered a permanent job by the company where they had been working on an assignment. If you’re stuck in an endless job search, here are some benefits to considering a temporary role:

  1. Many temp jobs are based on an immediate need, so the hiring process moves quickly.
  2. Since hirers view the hiring decision as “reversible” (see here for more on this), they’ll be more willing to take a chance on a candidate that isn’t a perfect match.
  3. Temp workers get a foot in the door, which means direct access to networking contacts and internal full-time opportunities, and an ability to show off your skills firsthand to the hiring managers.
  4. Temp employees get to “try before they buy” to understand if the company is a good fit, while also earning a paycheck and gaining experience to add to their resumes.

So how can you turn a temporary role into a permanent one? The best way is to act as if you’re a regular full-time employee in terms of how you approach your role, co-workers, and work ethic.

  • Show up early and offer to stay late (contract permitting).
  • Volunteer to pitch in outside your role.
  • Attend company social events (when able).
  • Eat lunch with current employees.
  • Ask for feedback on how you can improve.
  • Learn as much as you can about the company.
  • Have a positive and open attitude.
  • Let them know you’re interested in a permanent role.
  • Do awesome work!

Happy hunting!

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