5 Reasons to Consider a Career Coach

career ladder 1. If the job of your dreams is posted tomorrow, would your resume ready to send?

2. If you were asked, “What makes you more effective at your job than others in your field?” would you have an impressive answer?

3. Can your closest friends/family (outside of work) describe what you do specifically in 1 – 2 sentences?

4. Are you earning what you deserve and do you know how to effectively negotiate a great compensation package?

5. If you were to get laid off tomorrow, do you have a plan and an address book filled with connected contacts ready to help you?

Most people spend more time planning a vacation than planning their career.

In the same way that you can’t do 100 crunches the night before your High School reunion and expect to lose 20lbs, it is those exceptional professionals who continuously cultivate their networks, broaden their skills, and build their brand who get the best opportunities.

Happy planning!

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